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Welcome to the Graffiti Peace website.

If you are already into graffiti, just getting started, looking for activities for your schools or youth groups or after unusual gifts, you are in the right place!

Have a nose around the site and see what grabs your attention.

what we do
Whilst a lot of our work is delivered in schools and youth groups there is great demand for private and residential commissions. Below is a list of ideas for the use of this vibrant and colourful art form
  • Graffiti tuition workshops and courses
  • Complete wrap-around room art
  • Website Logos
  • Canvasses
  • Garments and Accessories
  • Downloadable Graffiti Art
  • Personalised Prints
  • DIY Teach yourself tutorials
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Nov 2009: Will runs a Graffiti Workshop for local Southampton Council of  Faiths Youth Inter-faith group.